Know you’re getting the best airfare. Scout it.

FareScout is the app that eliminates the guesswork, and helps you decide whether you should book now, or wait.

Easy to use. Easy to save.

FareScout takes the guesswork out of your decision to book a flight. It searches millions of historical data points to help you better understand the likelihood of your searched fare going up or down. FareScout has access to the same historical information that airlines use to build their pricing models and it presents you with a simple “buy or wait” format. 

Wait or Buy!

Accurate Fare Predictions

Our API connection looks at  shopped fares for the past 13 months. Based on that data, the app predicts how much the current fare may rise or fall over the next seven days. It works on flights leaving within the next 60 days, when prices are mostly likely to change on short notice. 


Let everyone know

Everyone loves to get the best deal. Tell your friends about FareScout so they know they’ll be getting the best deal too. Or let your travel agency know it should wait to book your next business trip.

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